Snow Agate is a stone of peace and serenity. It has such a soft energy. = like a warm hug.

These pieces have beautiful Druzy caves with sparkling, shimmering crystal magic.

  • Known to bring in calm and organization.
  • Connection to spirit guides and angelic realms.
  • Assist in making better life choices -
  • A Crown Chakra stone - Divinity, Higher conciseness.


Known for its connection to re-birthing or new beginnings.

Egg Shaped crystals can also work with fertility or hormones.

Over production of hormones like testosterone, or issues like Endometriosis.

Also, can help circulate soft energy throughout the body, ridding of negativity or unwanted energy.

Each egg is individual and will be chosen by us, just for you.

Price is for one piece.

Blessings and soothing energy your way x

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