Beautiful handmade mala beads are perfectly crafted with 108 pieces. 

Superb polished high grade natural crystal stone beads. Handmade and finished with a beautiful tassel. 

Your Mala can be used for meditation, prayer, as a necklace or wrist wrap. Whatever your heart desires. 

Amethyst - relaxation, sleep and love - Third eye chakra

Lapis Lazuli- Intuition and wisdom. You're royalty baby- Third eye and Throat chakra.

Sodalite- Enhances communication and self-expression- Throat chakra.

Green Aventurine- Luck, abundance and connection to mother nature - Heart Chakra

Yellow Calcite - the healer stone also known as the little ray of sunshine on a dark day-Solar Plexus Chakra Crown Chakra

Carnelian - Creativity, sexuality emotional stability -Sacral Chakra

Brecciated Jasper - Blocks others negativity and grounds the wearer - Root Chakra 

Hematite - relieves aches, pain and is a very protective stone.  -  Crown Chakra 

These stunning pieces come complete in a blended soul's gift bag. 

Blessings all you beautiful souls x


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