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This beautiful hunk of love is full of rainbows and sweetness with the hue of lilac.

With nurturing qualities, it is especially good for people who are empaths.

Givers of their soul and time.  They also feel others pain , grief and absorb it.

Little do most know, we walk around with all that heavy energy on our shoulders, as well as all our own issues.

Lavender quartz helps to dissolve others pain you have helped them vent . Release it and replace it with love.

The Universal stone of love- Self, Romantic, Parental and New beginnings.

Restores trust and harmony in relationships of all kinds.

Encourages unconditional love and helps with forgiveness.

Purifies and opens the heart, encouraging compassion and inner healing.

A great first piece for children or teens as well.

Nice bedside piece.

She is a one of a kind., just like you - So if you love her, give her a place in your home to cherish.

A Grade Ethically sourced in Madagascar.

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