Labradorite is the stone of those seeking to transform, to help set in stone those dreams or needs to change and stick with it.

When you first look at a piece of Lab, she can look like an average joe. Green/ Brown on the outside beautiful but, nothing too special until......

You look at her for who she is, deep down into her core.

It's then, she shows you what she is made of.

She show's you who she really is inside. Why? Because you too have shown who you are to her.

And Oh my!  Doesn't she open your eyes. Forever, you'll be in awe.

Take her into the light and the Flashes of Electric Blues, Purple, Gold, Turquoise, Fire reds and Bright orange amongst some of the colors.

These palm stones are exceptional.

Prices are for Large pieces.

Blessings x

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