Green Onyx is a stone of peace, mental purity and stress release.
Perfect for those who suffer anxiety or social anguish.

Although these pretty soft green hues are one of peace love and moonbeams, it emits powerful vibrations to help combat times of chaos
and straighten out the buzzing noise and chatter to focus on important things.
Great study piece or in the office for presentations, teachers or those that deliver education or advice.

This carving is in the shape of an apple. Fruit represents nourishment and growth.
Fertility and fresh beginnings.

Onyx is also a stone of love. It works with the heart Chakra, to balance heal and be re born to love with all you have.

Crystal therapy is an added edition to your plan for Mental health or illness.
Please seek medical advice for all medical issues or concerns.
We are not doctors and do not claim to be so.

Price is for one Sphere

Stand not included.

Blessings loves xx

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