This is the piece you have been dreaming of.

Super AA grade monster 1.188kg Tower, 30mm in Height.

Full of rainbow gemmy goodness is sparkling through this piece, as well as clear divine green and purple spaces. Held up to the sunlight this beauty will drown you in its wonderful energy. You can feel the stress melt away.
Fluorite comes in various colors.

Every piece is different. Some may even be the one color. Held up to the sunlight these beauties will drown you in their wonderful energy.

* Releases and dispels computer and electromagnetic stress. - great for those on devices all day.
* Absorbs negative energy
* Healing crystal - balances the Chakra, with the different greens, purples and blue.
* A very grounding and harmonizing stone.
* Third eye and Heart Chakra - Intuition, Awareness, Wisdom and communication.

I know this magnificent piece will find the forever home it is meant to be in.
Price is for this exact piece.

Blessings my loves x

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