Carnelian is a stone of Vitality, one to revitalize the soul.

It brings optimism, courage and strength. Now for those who want to spice up life and bring the fire back into your sex life... this little gem packs a punch. Carnelian is said to increase fertility and assist in the reproductive system to function at its peak. Said to Soothe bowel irritations, great for IBS known to help lower Blood pressure by decreasing blood flow (as per the Pharaoh's) - Your GP is best to diagnose ALL medical issues!

A stone of friendship, happiness and joy.

Orange and Red stones, such as carnelian are known for Luck, prosperity and abundance show me the money!
Revitalize your soul, wake up that part of your inspiring mind that has been asleep.

These are a perfect pocket size or Bra size to carry around and bring back a little spring to your step.

Knowing this little might is with you, gives you the push you need to lift your energy levels.

Price is for 1 piece - mini size

Picked and packed with love and insight, sent to you ready for you to set your intentions.

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