Seriously, how cute are these balloon dog carvings. Come in 3 crystal type stones. Orange Calcite is an energetic stone. This beautiful stone works with your Sacral chakra and brings out your creativity, sexuality and emotional stability. 
  • Creates Uplifting and positive thought process.
  • Connects to your sacral chakra -Creativity and emotional stability.
  • Releases the sensuality and sexuality within you.
  • Brings in fun and frivolity back into your soul.

  • Opalite soothes nerves and calms anxiety it is known to being inner peace.
  • A stone for love, helps form lasting relationships with faithful lovers.
  • Helps with those who suffer depression.
  • Known to aid with any kind of change or transition, gives you strength.

  • Lepidolite - Lepidolite is not only a beautiful stone to admire, in its purple hues, but it contains a pretty sparkle throughout.

    This is mica. Lepidolite also contains natural Lithium, which is used in anxiety and depression medications.

    An organic calming stone which can assist energetically with anxiety and low mood. 

    • connects to third eye chakra - Awareness, intuition and wisdom.
    • Relieves stressful situations.
    • Helps to relieve pain from past and present relationships of all kinds.
    • Purple is a color of power, positivity and strength.
    • Third Eye Chakra.
        Price is for 1 piece.
        Blessings, cuties x

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