This is one stunning piece, with a beautiful asterism or star within the sphere. Throws off beautiful rainbow flashes. Coated in rainbow aura, this rose quartz is a statement piece. Oh my, she is so pretty...The first usual reaction to a piece of blush pink chunk of Rose Quartz. Everyone feels the love. This stunning piece is a perfect size, all the way from Madagascar, this beautiful hunk of love is full of rainbows and sweetness. She is a one of a kind., just like you - So if you love her, give her a place in your home to cherish. The Universal stone of love- Self, Romantic, Parental and New beginnings. Restores trust and harmony in relationships of all kinds Encourages unconditional love and helps with forgiveness. Purifies and opens the heart, encouraging compassion and inner healing. A great first piece for children or teens. Aura coating connects to chakra.


22cm circumference

Blessings x

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