These magnificent palm stones are a stunning super hard to come by stone.

Why? Because they are 3 super stones in one.


Lepidolite is not only a beautiful stone to admire, in its purple hues, but it contains a pretty sparkle throughout. This is mica.
Lepidolite also contains natural Lithium, which is used in anxiety and depression medications.

An organic calming stone which can assist energetically with anxiety and low mood.

    • connects to third eye chakra - Awareness, intuition and wisdom.
    • Relieves stressful situations.
    • Helps to relieve pain from past and present relationships of all kinds.
    • Purple is a color of power, positivity and strength.

Third Eye Chakra

Pink Tourmaline is linked to the Root Chakra.

* Trust, Grounding and survival.

Known as a complete stone of all things love, it is also a great stone for children or teens.

This gentle stone is not to be taken lightly though; it is definitely a heart healer.

Love, joy happiness and survival.

Great palm stone, lovely, polished finish.

October Birth stone.

Zodiac Virgo & Libra.


If you are new to the crystal world or work with them all the time, Smokey Quartz is one in the top 5 starter pieces.

Smokey Quartz gently neutralizes negative vibrations.

  • Protection stone, it brings emotional calmness.
    • Helps with creativity in business.
    • A masterpiece, perfect for cleansing.

    Choose the stone of your choice 1,2 or 3.

    Blessings all xx

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