This is another powerful trio stone with combined energy of Quartz, Lazulite and Scorzalite.

This incredible and quite hard to source crystal, has a super high vibration.

This can help with mental clarity and focus and assists those who need that monkey brain chatter to quiet down while they sort things out. 

Health, fitness and addiction are all physicality's that we can sometimes fix. 

We just need a nudge and support to get going, or an element of reminder to stay focused. You got this!!

Visualization and meditation are perfect ways to begin and set goals, write down manifestations or to envision and feel how that might be for you. 

Trolleite works closely with the crown chakra, Third eye and Throat chakra. 

* Higher consciousness

* Awareness, Intuition and wisdom

* Communication, self-expression and authenticity. 

Root Chakra is also included in these connections. 

* Trust, grounding and survival. 

Each piece has a different look and size. All are individual, so click on the piece you gravitate to the most. 

Blessings my loves x




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