I mean, if you have started your journey into the love, obsession and downright NEED for crystals and all things shiny, you have GOT to have Selenite to charge up those beauties.

It's no use having a collection of pretties and not wiping their slate clean after you have used them, or after your freaking neighbor has come over picking up your prized piece of Namaste - working all their magic on Doris next door.

Sweet crackle pops! we know she's got issues.

They need time out to cleanse and re- charge.

(There we no real Doris's feelings hurt in this example)

One of our favorite pieces here at Blended Souls, I personally have Selenite all over the place as it is a "go to" piece when I need to focus or am stressed.

As a matter of fact, I have a rough piece I call my " driving stick", now I am not encouraging you to do what I do, but I always have one in my hand on my drive to work. It helps me to focus on the job, clears my mind of any stress I may have been holding onto and prevents me from taking that into my workplace. -

On the way home, I release the day I had, so it all stays at work and not brought home to my family.


Also named Satin Spar or Gypsum Flower, Selenite has the ability to constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself.

Selenite doesn't like water. It breaks down and loses its sheen. Still functions - but not a great idea if you want to get the most out of your point.

No need to put it out under the full moon, in the sun or bathe it in Sage. - although we all love a good smoking ceremony.

    • Also used to wipe the slate clean on your other crystal beauties giving them back their own power to do their job for you
    • Uses for this pretty, hypnotic piece are endless, especially to increase your energy levels

Price is for one 25cm wand.

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