If you have crystals, then Selenite is a Must!!

By far a favorite piece here at Blended Souls.

Also named Satin Spar or Gypsum Flower, Selenite can constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself.

Also used to wipe the slate clean on your other crystal beauties giving them back their own power to do their job for you.

Uses for this gorgeous, hypnotic piece are endless.

Especially to increase your energy levels. It can also be used to strengthen your memory, which is great for those days when your head is in the clouds or seriously, your just feeling bitchy vibes and want to pull your head in a little. Yikes!

With the ability to calm the mind after you’ve calmed down the chatter going on up there, Selenite is a great piece for meditation and sleep, bringing forth mental clarity and a little Namaste.

These pieces are a cylinder shape, a nice size for the little ones or for on your desk at work. Let it work like a battery and charge up your other crystal pieces next to your computer desk!

The ideas for this size are endless!

Price is for 1 piece

SIZE: 3.5cm

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