Heart carvings are a symbol of love and matters of the heart.
- add that to Polychrome Jasper and you will have all your heart desires.

  • Known to light the fire in us all, passion, excitement and keen urge to get the job done.
  • creates inner balance
  • keeps away those little white lies.

Heart Shape Meaning

Shapes of your crystals have significance on their own, which enhances the workings, power and directs the energy of your stone.
Heart shapes are the obvious. They are connected to the heart chakra and bring forth love, forgiveness and understanding.
When your heart chakra is blocked, the ability to feel empathy, forgive or even be present for those around you can be lacking or nonexistent.
Loving yourself is one of the best things you can learn to do, we all forget our own being.
It's like giving yourself a nice warm hug, and some "me" time. Sometimes forgiveness is what you might need. Give yourself permission to put yourself first, this by far one of the most beautiful things you can do.


Price is for 1 piece


Cleansed and packed with love and insight from us to you.


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