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Gorgeous natural geode clusters of pink quartz.
Now don't get this confused with rose quartz - difference is pink Amethyst has hematite which gives it a beautiful pink and sometimes peach color.

* Lifts dark and heavy energy fields, along with depression, low mood and grief.
* A stone of Peace and letting your energetic flow find the right path.
* Known for finding expansion in the love you already have.
* Helps remember dreams. - write down these as soon as you wake up to capture the messages from those sending them to you.
It could be loved ones crossed over, your spirit guides or messages meant just for you.
* Root Chakra - Trust Grounding and survival
Heart Chakra - Love, healing and compassion
Zeal Chakra - The mouth of God, well of dreams.

Mined in Argentina

Price for this exact geode

Blessings x

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