Malachite Sphere


 Malachite Sphere

Deep Green with beautiful markings, this beautiful sphere is incredible. 

These stunning deep regal green gems are one of our favorites at Blended Souls.

Used by the Egyptians as a talisman because of their protective powers, this is also a stone of transformation.

Helping with change by clear thought processes and fading out mind fog. - Great for exams, new job or even mood, anxiety or even Menopause!

Helps control emotions encouraging positive energy direction, this is where you exude your best life force- feeding your aura of beautiful energies.

Green is the color of earth- mother nature.

Great stone to include in healings and growth.

New beginnings.

Heart Chakra - Love, healing and Compassion

Price is for this exact piece.


Stand not included.

Chosen by us with love and insight.

Ready for you to set your intentions.

Blessings x

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