These stunning deep regal green gems are one of our favorite at Blended Souls.

Used by the Egyptian’s as a talisman because of their protective powers, this is also a stone of transformation.

Helping with change by clear thought processes and fading out mind fog. – Great for exams, new job or even Menopause!

Helps control emotions encouraging positive energy direction, this is where you exude your best life force- feeding your aura of beautiful energies.

Green is the color of earth- mother nature. Great stone to include in healings and growth. New beginnings.

Heart Shape Meaning
Shapes of your crystals have significance on their own, which enhances the workings and power and directs the energy of your stone.

Heart shapes are obvious. They are connected to the heart chakra and bring forth love, forgiveness, and understanding.

When your heart chakra is blocked, the ability to feel empathy, forgive, or even be present for those around you can be lacking or nonexistent.

Loving yourself is one of the best things you can learn to do. We all forget our own being.

It's like giving yourself a nice warm hug and some "me" time. Sometimes, forgiveness is what you might need. Give yourself permission to put yourself first. This is by far one of the most beautiful things you can do.

Nice piece to have set in jewelry.

Price is for one heart.
Blessings all x

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