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This is a stone that is not often thought of, but it is truly a very giving and valuable piece to have in your collection.
Known to be a nurturing stone and can help guide you through break ups
A stone of gifts, abundance, and assists with manifesting money energy.

Shapes of your crystals have significance on their own, which enhances the workings and power and directs the energy of your stone.

Heart shapes are obvious. They are connected to the heart chakra and bring forth love, forgiveness, and understanding
Loving yourself is one of the best things you can learn to do. We all forget our own being.

It's like giving yourself a nice warm hug and some "me" time.
Sometimes, forgiveness is what you might need.
This piece is a polished carving

Cleansed and packed with love and insight, ready for your set intentions.
Blessings, my loves.

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