Garden Quartz or Lodolite is by far the most grounding and down to earth crystal you can work with.

Not only is it incredibly beautiful with miniature garden growths within the quartz but it has inclusions of other crystals.
such as Feldspar, Epidote and chlorite.

Colors range from red, brown, orange, green grey and even cream with dainty little fields of mother nature right in your hand.

If you are one of those people who have "monkey mind" and constantly roll over situations and scenarios in your head.
Then this is your Saviour crystal. I'm not going to lie this is totally my vibe piece.

* Stone of balance and visualization.
* Grounding and connection to earth to reset mind and thoughts.
* Helps dispel negativity and fear for all, especially children.
* Clears thoughts for meditation or sitting with your thoughts.
* Use before a massage to reach full potential of the whole process.
* High connection mother nature and these stone loves to be cleansed in the ground or ocean.
* Great for night shift workers to settle the mind and eyes before sleep. - also wandering elderly.

Works well with Moonstone and Herkimer diamond.

Crown Chakra - Higher consciousness

This piece is high grade, with clear garden patterns and rainbow quartz.
Especially out in the sunlight to appreciate the patterns.
It's so hard to capture it in a picture.


Blessings all x

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