Once completed, add it to your collection.

You may want to use it for the New or Full moon and write down what you would like to manifest.

Clear your mind and set your intention.

I’ll give you an example of what you may use one of our intention candles for..

Write down what your intention is. Exactly. Using positive, direct words.

Make sure you are somewhere quiet, alone ( if you can) , turn off your phone and all noise.

Quiet your mind of chatter.

Focus on the flame and in your mind and heart, feel and see what that intention your setting makes you feel.

Is it getting that new job? What does it look like to you, your expression on your face, how do you feel, see yourself doing that job. What people are around you?

See them encouraging you, empowering you. Lifting you up to be the best you can be.

What are you wearing? Look at your friends and family how proud they are of you. Feel pride in your heart.

This is just a guide, to get your thought process churning.

All our Crystals are chosen with love and sent off to you with insight and positive vibes.


These gorgeous travel tin candles come complete with Crystal. 
Multiple burn times with a lid for re-use.
Crystal Moon = Rose quartz, Red Jasper, Tiger eye.

Scent will vary. 

Love and light my beauties.

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