We have two new faces to the Crystal badge family These stunning crystal stone badges are hand made in the color of your choice. A heavy duty 4cm round, 1meter length stretch and clip to Rock your vibe baby AMAZONITE Stone of Courage, Truth and Hope Dispelling negative energy, before the boiling and bubbling anger and anxiety spills over into your psyche and then, into those around you. 

Amazonite helps to relieve those toxic emotions. We all know the feeling of stress and burden and trying to make it through the day without losing your shit! Wearing Amazonite provides the freedom to express feelings and thoughts like the warrior you are, but with class baby - Nasty looks good on no one.

Great piece to see both sides of a situation. Soothes emotional trauma from both past and present lives. Assists in manifesting universal Love. BLUE GOLDSTONE GOALS! This is what Blue Goldstone is all about. Helps you set your own bar high and reach your goals. This is stone pumps out that positive energy that changes the vibe of those around you. Man made from quartz sand and copper to add that mica shimmer and shine effect, it is still from the ground and of natural stone.

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