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What's your Vibe? AMETHYST - Lilac to Deep Purple. Amethyst is the healer of plants, people and pets. Amethyst is useful for addictions and toxic behaviors. Protects you from being psychically attacked- What does this mean? Well, it's not just the witchy kind. It can be innocent as well. Say you have someone in your life, jealous of your success or resentful. Angry at their own self for not lifting their game. It could be anger at you, through missed information passed on by secret squirrel gossip. Those that put out negativity into the universe against you, are basically psychic attacks. Our gut vibe tells us when things aren't right. - Be gone with you, I say! Amethyst cleanses our aura of any negative energy or energy blocks. Think of a place of protection, in your own bubble of allowing you to feel safe and centered while opening yourself to a higher spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Metaphysically healing for headaches, tension and sleep deprived new mums, stressed dads or children with overactive imaginations. High energy workplaces. CITRINE - Lemon to deep Yellow She's a happy little vegemite as bright as bright can be. Citrine is a stone of Abundance, luck, and sensational vibes. Attracts wealth and prosperity. Show me the MONEY! Manifest your true desires and turn you doubts and negative energy into good vibes. Success in business and building empires. That includes running a tight ship at home as well! Powerful healing crystal for partnerships and business relationships. CLEAR QUARTZ- Clear \Clear Quartz amplifies energy for all positive intentions, this is a powerful piece. Especially if you lack direction or feel lost in life. A high vibration stone helping you to lift your chin and shoulders back! A very protective stone, great for clearing away negativity energy, like, say those in-laws, frenemies or the nosy neighbor that wants to keep on coming over. These stones are so clear they throw out little rainbows A stone used for manifesting, healing, and guidance, Clear Quartz loves to work alongside other crystals and enhance their energies. SMOKEY QUARTZ- soft grey to rich dark brown Smokey Quartz gently neutralizes negative vibrations. Fear, anger, jealousy and torment. A very protective stone, it helps bring forth emotional calmness. Super for creativity in business or new projects. Get that new Idea off and running. ROSE QUARTZ- light pink to dark rose Oh my, she is so pretty...The first usual reaction to a piece of blush pink of Rose Quartz. The Universal stone of love- Self, Romantic, Parental and New beginnings. Restores trust and harmony in relationships of all kinds. Encourages unconditional love and helps with forgiveness. Purifies and opens the heart, encouraging compassion and inner healing. CARNEILIAN - hues of Orange to Red Carnelian is a stone of Vitality, one to revitalize the soul. It brings optimism, courage and strength. Now for those who want to spice up life and bring the fire back into your sex life... this little gem packs a punch. Carnelian is said to increase fertility and assist in the reproductive system to function at its peak. Said to Soothe bowel irritations, great for IBS, known to assist with Blood pressure (as per the Pharaoh's)- Your GP is best to diagnose ALL medical issues- Calm down all my fellow Registered Nurses! A stone of friendship, happiness and joy. Orange and Red stones, such as carnelian are known for Luck, prosperity and abundance. - Can I retire yet? Revitalize your soul, wake up that part of your inspiring mind that has been asleep. Knowing this little might is with you, gives you the push you need to lift your energy levels. TIGERS EYE- Brown to black with flecks of gold. Crystal of Health and vitality. Well known as a stone of courage - like a tiger! Cool, calm, collected and ready to pounce. Helps to change your future for the better with positivity and encouragement, to be your best YOU! Protection from the evil eye, is said to remove negative energies. A piece for those a bit burnt out in the biz. Helping to re-focus and remember why you're here.  Maybe even the courage to leave? Beautiful stone for personal empowerment to increasing compassion. BLACK OBSIDIAN - black Deep black volcanic glass. Used for Centuries for protection and healing. Use Obsidian to block out those "Negative Nancy's:" at work. Obsidian forms a shield against negativity and unwanted energy, so those with Psychic smog hanging around will clear up or breeze off. Stone of Protection, encouraging self-control and resilience. Draws out mental stress, fatigue and tension. Stimulates growth, opening new horizons. LABRADORITE grey to every color of the rainbow. Labradorite is the stone of those seeking to transform, to help set in stone those dreams or needs to change and stick with it. When you first look at a piece of Lab, she can look like an average joe. Green/ Brown on the outside beautiful but, nothing too special until. You look at her for who she is, deep down into her core. It’s then, she shows you what she is made of. She show’s you who she really is inside. Why? Because you too have shown who you truly are.  A dreamer, a do-er, a go getter! Take her into the light and the Flashes of Electric Blues, Purple, Gold, Turquoise, Fire reds and Bright orange are amongst some of the colors in this magical stone.

If there is a particular stone you are after not listed. Please feel free to ask us for a special order. We may just have your favorite piece in stock!

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