These gorgeous custom-made badges come in the color and crystal vibe that best suits you. Our Heavy-duty retractable badges are 4cm round and have a 1-meter wire length. Great for using swipe badges or access passes, keys and fobs. All come with a slide clip on the back and key/badge ring at the end of retractable wire pulley. Badges come in all silver or silver with black face. Crystal colors can vary depending on what background you choose. Choose your stone in the drop-down box and they will be made to order. Blue Lace Agate Known of a stone of communication and clear thought process. Blue lace agate has the most beautiful soft energy. Nice piece to hold and wear. 

  • self-expression
  • communication
  • authenticity

    Throat Chakra Lepidolite, Lepidolite is not only a beautiful stone to admire, in its purple hues, but it contains a pretty sparkle throughout. This is mica. Lepidolite also contains natural Lithium, which is used in anxiety and depression medications. An organic calming stone which can assist energetically with anxiety and low mood.
    • connects to third eye chakra - Awareness, intuition and wisdom.
    • Relieves stressful situations.
    • Helps to relieve pain from past and present relationships of all kinds.
    • Purple is a color of power, positivity and strength.
      Third Eye Chakra. 
        Price is for 1 handmade piece.
        Blessings Beautiful Souls.

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