Clear quartz is a master healer. 

Powers and charges your other pieces to do their very best for you, points are great for gridding, manifestations and as a thinking piece. 

The purpose of point carvings is to direct energy towards the end of the point. - which helps amplify the crystals work. Points or Towers are great for gridding or in the corners of your home.

  • Amplifies energy for all positive intentions, this is a powerful piece. Especially if you lack direction or feel lost in life.
  •  A very protective stone, great for clearing away negativity energy, like, say those in-laws, frenemies or the nosy neighbour that wants to keep on coming over .
  • Perfect conversation piece, this beautiful point is a showstopper with her natural internal formations, some so clear they throw out little rainbows.
  • A stone used for manifesting, healing, and guidance, Clear Quartz loves to work alongside other crystals and enhance their energies.
  • This is a one-off piece. So, if she speaks to you......take me hoooooooooome, then don't waste your time, she's a keeper!
  • Perfect piece for a special place in your home, office or space that lacks positive energy.

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