Charoite flat stones



Charoite is the crystal of life purpose, living to the fullest potential with awareness and intuition.

A stunning crystal, perfect to hold and sit with your thoughts or pop in your bra or pocket for those days you need some, love, intuition and awareness.

Charoite is mined in Russia.

Often due to its magical sheen it is mistaken for man-made crystal.

Due to magnificent pressure while in the ground between rock formations, this stone forms swirls of color throughout, in lavender, lilac and purples.

Charoite often has Aegirine, a black stone known for cutting emotional ties and releasing bad negativity.

It is also known to have golden stone called Tinkalite, which helps to rid you of bad karma and nasty vibes.

  • Breaks old patterns.
  • Balances Emotions
  • Known to assist those with poor cognition, brain fog, ADHD and concentration.
  • Noble and compassionate stone.
  • Energizing and uplifting.

Third Eye and Heart

Star Sign:
Sagittarius/ Scorpio

Price is for one piece.


Blessings my loves x

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