Crystal :

Well, we all know what these are! Weather they make you giggle or not these mini doodles have big crystal vibes. Crazy Lace Agate - Stone of fun laughter and breaks toxic patterns Dragon's Blood - Vitality and Courage. Attracts new love. Black Obsidian- Protection, stimulates growth and new beginnings. Genital Carvings Shape in carvings enhance the crystal vibration. Genital carvings, in this case, a penis, is linked to testosterone and male energy. This can help those needing a little more courage and strength to find their way. Linked to fertility or spicing up your love life in some cultures this particular appendage is worshiped. Add one to one of our candles for a manifesting vibe or as a good belly laugh with one of your friends. Click onto the drop-down box for your choice of ding-a-ling.  Price is for one wiener! 

Blessings everyone x

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