Stunning AA grade Aura Fire and Ice clear quartz. The rainbow aura is so magical. Fire and Ice takes you to a place of cosmic transformation. It goes to say that these are My total addiction, due to its energy and beauty. Cleanses negative energy. Energizes your other crystals, increasing your manifesting work.  Fire and Ice Quartz is known for accelerating awakening and awareness. Increases the consciousness into higher dimensions making the flow of guidance and spiritual wisdom easier to follow. Multi-dimensional vibrations - known to those who love to connect with higher beings - like fairies, animal or spirit or guides. Rainbow inclusions inside the Quartz are created through light bouncing of the cracks inside, through A grade Quartz. The process of these Clear quartz while developing in the earth, has been put under enormous pressure until they fracture, yet it only makes them stronger and more beautiful - like us all.


H 10CM X W 3.2CM 

Price is for this exact piece.

Blessings xx

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